Thank you so much for visiting House of Moruka. First off, my name is Julian Gravesande & I'm from Linden, Guyana, South America. I originally began my career under the name MorukaDesigns.com & then decided to make a change because I had a different vision. It was time for the Moruka brand to evolve! I wanted a place where a woman could go & feel wonderful while finding a handbag that speaks to who she is & her personal style. Each bag I make by hand is as unique as the woman who carries it.


When I was a child I constantly got into trouble with my Mom & Grandmother for cutting up furniture upholstery, carpets, my hair, & really anything I could get my hands on. I was banned from scissors for a while then my grandmother introduced me to hand sewing & taught me how to sew doll clothing. I loved it but when I became a teenager I started attending boarding school, which caused me to miss out on the chance of my Grandmother teaching me to sew on a machine because she passed away (‘God Rest Her Soul).


Fast forward to when I was 18, I migrated to the United States from Guyana. One day years later I got a free sewing machine from Craigslist & from that day forward it was on! I really loved bags so I figured that I could learn how to make some cute ones for myself. It eventually blossomed into a business idea after I realized I was getting better, people loved them. I felt so confident & fabulous with what I made for myself that I wanted to share that feeling with other women. 


House of Moruka was created out of my love for my home country Guyana, family & my love for fashion. Moruka is the name of a river in the Guyana Interior region so that is the inspiration behind the name. It is to pay homage to where I'm from, what I love & where I'm going. I want to take you all on that journey. The creativity that I inherited from my Grandmother & the relentless desire to work until the job is done which was instilled in me by my Mother, are what drive me to create beautiful handbags & clutches that inspire women.