In the first feature of the #BEMORUKA Campaign we have Tiffany aka ItsMeLadyG of ItsMeLadyG.com. 


H.O.M.: Tell me about yourself. (What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?)

TIFFANY: My name is Tiffany, born and raised (and currently residing) in Brooklyn. I am more commonly known online as  “Itsmeladyg” (pronounced It’s Me Lady G). “Itsmeladyg” comes from my love of Harry Potter. (“G” stands for Gryffindor: one of the houses in the Harry Potter story that lived up to a list of admirable character traits such as bravery, nerve, and courage). When I started on this internet journey, I made up a name that incorporated one of my “quirky” qualities. This serves as a constant reminder to be myself. It’s a couple years later, and while some people may not know the origins of the name, I try to portray and inspire these qualities in all that I do.

When asked what do I do, it is faster to answer “what don’t I do”...lol. I am a mom, full-time worker, blogger, Youtuber, event planner, public speaker, meetup group organizer, business owner, soon-to-be author and aspiring millionaire!! I have a ton of ideas that come to me all the time. I never want to look back and regret NOT acting on a calling. The amazing thing is that even if I do not end up staying with a particular role or path, I learn so much on the way.

Despite, my many ideas, I do have an overall theme or mission when sharing information. I have learned how to do so many things over the last 4-5 years, without having angel investors or a super rich relative. I have learned how to create a wonderful and full life with enlightening, educational, and inspiring experiences, all without spending a ridiculous amount of money. After some time, people started asking me how it is that I am able to live such a “luxurious” life. I literally laughed out loud. They had no idea that my paycheck had not increased! This is how I came up with the tagline of “The Frugally Luxurious Mama”. My goal is anything I share is to help women learn to create an amazing, frugally luxurious life.


H.O.M.: What motivates you? Or name the most important things/people in your life.

TIFFANY: My son is my number one motivator. Becoming a mother has changed me in ways that I could have never imagined. BUT, along with him, my #2 motivator is POSSIBILITY. I see the possibility to be great in so many things and people around me, and I refuse to not act on the opportunities that are all around us.  

H.O.M.: What has inspired you to become who you are today?

TIFFANY: My mother & life. Watching my mother go through the many phases and situations in her life have in turn equipped me with the strength to go through the phases in my own. Knowing that there is a reason and a lesson in most things inspires me to keep going as well.


H.O.M.: What is the ONE lesson you follow throughout your life?

TIFFANY: My number one lesson I try to follow in life is to stay positive AND only keep people that think and feel the same around me. It is so cliche but true!! When I decided to start my first business venture (an online consignment shop), I really was going on a hope and prayer that I would figure everything out AND become successful. I was also doing it on a shoestring budget. There were so many people that were naysayers and/or just didn’t see the point in what I was doing. I did not allow that to discourage me. Believing in what I knew could happen, and having one or two people to pick me up when I started to doubt myself, was key to continuing in my vision. Through keeping positive, (and refusing to allow negativity in my personal space), I was able to make a profit of more than $10K within my first year, gained 3 new regular clients, learned a TON about creating an online business, all while investing less than $800 of my own money. My positive thinking pushed me through even when I had no idea what I was doing.


H.O.M.: What inspires your personal style & why did you choose the Essie Clutch?

TIFFANY: Comfort and ease. As much as I like other colors, I naturally gravitate towards black and white. The colors are always in style, easy to find, and go with everything. I chose this clutch because it will easily work into my wardrobe and provide a nice twist.

H.O.M.: What piece of advice do you have for women who are reading this?

TIFFANY: JUMP!! So many women I speak to want to start a business, travel, take on a hobby, etc. However, they often have a reason why they never just do it. They are waiting for the right time, for the money, for the perfect opportunity, or for someone to help them along the way. My advice is just to start, right now. Opportunities present themselves along the way, but first you have to put yourself on the path to what you want.



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