Hey y'all!! So I had the opportunity to participate in #BLACKBIZSCOPE Friday this morning. Black Biz Scope is an initiative led by Pamela of @koilsbynature, Adeea Rogers - The @trendysocialite and Christine of @MomsNCharge. It allows black owned businesses to get on Periscope for 15 minutes at a time to talk about their businesses on Fridays from 10am to 11am and then from 6pm to 8pm. I showed my clutches, totes, fabric and coin purses. Also, I talked about my upcoming jewelry line and about how I started Moruka. 

Check out my scope here! - (only lasts 24 hours, ends at 10:45am 9/19/2015)

Here's the Youtube video as well. Enjoy! (The Youtube video doesn't show the comments and hearts. But check out those bags, aye?)

Screenshots from the Periscope.
Are you a lover of #BLACKBIZSCOPE?
Did you watch today? If so, who was your fave?

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