So Labor Day weekend normally marks the official end of Summer & it's also when the Caribbean Day Parade happens in Brooklyn, New York. Being that I'm a red blooded Guyanese woman I probably should have left The Bronx & gone to the parade but decided to sit it out this year. It's actually been a while since I've gone. Ideally, I should have been whining my life away pon de parkway but I would have just walked around. (lol) Instead, I went to out with the Booskie for dinner at Harlem Tavern and a movie; Straight Outta Compton.

I had Harlem Tavern's Mexican Burger Special, a mojito & a raspberry Cosmo. The burger was the, the mojito was good but needed more rum for me to get a buzz & the Cosmo was perfect(got a nice buzz). I almost didn't take any pics & managed to snap a couple before it got too dark. Like what kinda handbag designer/fashion blogger would I be if I didn't take any outfit pics? How shameful. As for Straight Outta Compton, I absolutely loved it but wondered about certain things mentioned in the media that were left out of the movie. But I have to say that it was well done. I guess you can't fit everything into a couple of hours & I'm sure they had their reasons. Ya know?

Right now I'm obsessed with wearing my hair in a middle part since my hair is long enough to look decent in it. I rocked a super simple but cute outfit & the sandals were a better choice than wearing heels like I originally wanted to since I had to do some walking. That shawl top is the bomb, & since my outfit was neutral I just had to throw in my Anona Clutch for some colour. Here are the deets:
What I wore 
Hair: 3 week old blowout
Top: shawl top that ties in the front from a store in Brooklyn
Jeans: Local store in the Bronx
Shoes: Old Navy sandals
Bangles: The Pink Locket

Comment below & tell me how you spent your Labor Day weekend. :-)

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